Wednesday, February 15, 2017

L'Amour des Fleurs Mini Flowerbox - Eternal Roses

I'm in love with this mini flowerbox from L'Amour Des Fleurs that I received yesterday for Valentine's Day. It includes 6-7 eternal roses, which are real roses that last for a year without the need of watering or maintenance through a preservation process. 

The roses come in cylinder boxes and they're available in different sizes and colors. The one I got is mini flowerbox in white but there's another bigger size available.
It's actually smaller than I thought it was but it's beautiful nonetheless and a great addition to my vanity.

On their website, the flowerboxes are available in black and white but I've seen on their Instagram that they had some tiffany blue ones too perfect for wedding or bridal shower.
Photo from L'Amour Des Fleurs Instagram

They also have mini and large acrylic flowerboxes available. Check out their website for more details.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Montreal Vigil for Quebec City Mosque Shooting

I was really upset when I found out about the Quebec City mosque shooting that led to 6 deaths and several injured. There was a vigil at Montreal Parc Metro, where thousands of people showed up.
I shared some footage in my weekly vlog: 

It was so touching to see everyone united regardless of their religious belief showing respect and love.
Despite it being very cold that evening in Montreal, so many people stood outside.
Inside the metro, there was this amazing person who was giving out free hugs. He was seriously amazing and so kind!
I also really like the posters that these lovely girls were holding standing altogether. 
It's so sad six people lost their lives. May their souls rest in peace. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. 
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A post shared by Miztah Brown (@miztahbrown) on

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylic Launch Party

I went to Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylic Launch Party at Loft Hotel with Elma from elrosaddiction. We had so much fun! 
Check out my vlog for highlights from the event: 

Elma also featured it on her channel. Check out her first vlog and hopefully more to come:

It was so nice to see Alexa from Stealing Beauty
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ruby & Kaps Montreal Wedding | Mehndi, Holud, Nikkah & Reception 2016 - VLOG 28

It was my friend's wedding last week. The bride is bengali and the groom is tamil, so it was really nice to see them incorporate those dances along with some Bollywood songs. The groomsmen, bridesmaids and I also performed at the wedding. We all had so much fun!! 
Montreal South Asian Wedding Vendors (featured in video):

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ruby's Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower

The bridesmaids and I threw our friend a Kate Spade themed bridal shower at Air de Tango.

Check out my vlog for the highlights from the event: 

For table decor, we used black tablecloths and placed gold plates with pink napkins. 

For food, we had sandwiches, lasagna, fruit & vegetable platter, salads, etc.
I made the 7 layer dip, which turned out great. I found the recipe on YouTube but didn't add olives and tomatoes.
One of the bridesmaids' husband came and made two non alcoholic cocktails, which were so good!!
There was a dessert table placed in front of the backdrop. The flowers were handmade by one of the bridesmaids. 

The cake, cupcakes and cake pops were from Momma M's Hand Creations. Everything looked amazing and tasted so good.
As for favors, each guest received two products from Bath & Body Works.
We created Snapchat Geofilter for the event. One of the bridesmaids created the design following the guidelines and then we followed the steps on their website.  
The bridal shower was a success! We had so much fun that day and most importantly the bride-to-be seemed happy and had a great time. She looked gorgeous!! 
I also posted a Get Ready With Me video on my channel:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mont-Tremblant Vlog

My friends and I went to Mont-Tremblant for the weekend. We stayed at Les Manoirs Condominium (112-6). It was perfect for us! The kitchen was equipped, so we made our own food. On Saturday, we started our day with brunch and for evening we made mantou (Afghan dumpling) and it actually turned out good even though we were missing few ingredients. We also visited Pedestrian Village and the panaromic gondolas were my favorite!! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ViMeCa Video Message Card

This is my first time hearing of a video card and I love the idea! It retails for $40 and can be purchased online here
The packaging is in Japanese but I just referred to their site and the card itself is very easy to use, so I had no problem at all.
It's made out of construction paper, so you can decorate it however you like. 
It features a 4.3-inch LCD screen and 2 buttons: record and play. 
It's USB rechargeable and the charger does come with it. 
This video card is very easy to use. All you have to do is charge it and then record. You can record up to 4 minutes. 
All you have to do is press record. Make sure you do keep a certain distance because it really zooms in your face.
Since the card itself is plain, I'd recommend decorating it. Use your own creativity! I just added lipstick stains to mine.
You can also wrap it up and give it as a present. I gave it to my best friend for her birthday as a gift on the side and she loved it. I love the fact that it can be personalized to your own liking. You can do so much with it and it just adds a nice touch. I can picture myself giving one each to my future bridesmaids (not that I'm planning a wedding anytime soon lol).